Contacts and Roles on the Project


  • Organization
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Role on the project (i.e. engagement manager)


  • College / Program Affiliation
  • Student Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Role on the project (i.e. volunteer service-learner)


  • College / Program Affiliation
  • Instructor Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Role on the project (i.e. advisor / mentor to student)

Scope of Service

  • Purpose and focus of the project … tied to:
    • The client’s needs, and
    • The service-learning opportunity for student
  • Duration
    • Starting Date
    • Completion Date
  • Product / Service Deliverables
    • What are the agreed upon final product / service deliverables the student service-learner will complete?
    • What are the estimated hours to complete each deliverable?
    • What are the important mileposts and deliverable due dates?

Reporting & Project Management

  • Feedback regarding:
    • Student’s process / progress
    • Student’s product
  • Updates needed to:
    • Client
    • Instructor
    • College or University
  • How and when:
    • Time-sheets
    • Student reflections
    • Status meetings
    • Evaluations (interim and / or final)

Service Logistics

  • Service location
    • Is this a virtual opportunity (i.e. service conducted online)?
    • Service address (if applicable)
    • Transportation information
  • Days / hours of service
  • Background checks for student service-learners
    • Requirements
    • Timeframe
  • Other key stakeholders: In addition to the engagement manager, list other key stakeholders (if any) who must be included in the project (i.e. technology support).

Needed from Client

  • Information needs
  • Access (to people and other resources)
  • Supervision and training of the service-learner
  • Other support

Ownership of Intellectual Property

  • Who “owns” the work produced?
  • What is the licensing of any work produced?
  • Consider Creative Commons licensing options (see

Confidentiality Statement

  • What client information is to remain confidential?
  • Confirms that the service-learner agrees that he/she shall comply with the client’s requirements for non-disclosure of confidential information.