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Nonprofit Request for Proposal

  • We are in the process of selecting 3 to 4 project proposals from nonprofit organizations that are willing to participate in a limited pilot to begin in early 2014. Our selection and matching process starts when you, a representative of the nonprofit organization seeking help, completes this online Request for Proposal (RFP) form. The purpose of this RFP is for you to describe the organization, the need for volunteer help on an instructional design project, and your commitment to support the student volunteers for the duration of the project. You may be contacted to respond to additional questions, or to inform you that the desired project does not fit the parameters of the faculty and student needs. If your project is selected to be a part of the pilot, this RFP will be posted on the Designers for Learning website and emailed to faculty and students who have expressed interest in participating. As part of a matching process, interested faculty and student volunteer candidates will be asked to submit a proposal responding to the RFP detailing the planned approach to tackle the specific instructional design need described in the RFP. Respondents must be a college faculty member, or a college student sponsored by a faculty member from the student’s instructional design program, who will act as both a reference and advisor to the volunteer student(s) for the duration of the project. If the nonprofit organization selects the proposal, the faculty member must be willing to advise and mentor the student volunteer(s) through the successful completion of the project. Please note that all nonprofit organizations must agree to 100% virtual volunteer opportunities that do not require the volunteer to be physically present at any location. As such, your organization must be willing to accommodate 100% virtual participation with volunteers, which means working remotely with everyone who volunteers with your organization on this project using phone, email, and other online and virtual communication technologies.
  • Please note that all organizations must agree to offer only virtual volunteer opportunities that do not require the volunteer to be physically present at any location. Given that your organization is not able to accommodate 100% virtual volunteer participation, we are unable to proceed with your Request for Proposal. If your requirements change in the future, please return to complete a new Request for Proposal. Thank you.



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