Registration open! #EdImpact16 November 12, 2016

What Impact Will You Make?

Register now for our free 12-hour Education Impact Day webcast-athon on November 12, 2016 where we will engage in a global conversation to discuss one important question, “What impact will you make?” Designers for Learning, a 501(c)(3) with a mission to support the instructional design needs of underserved populations through service learning, has arranged a full day of featured speakers from a variety of backgrounds to share their perspectives on educational impact, including past successes, current initiatives, and needed innovations.

Each hour (from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern) features a new speaker who will engage in an informal Q&A focusing on a range of topics, including education policy, instructional design, digital media, and educational technology. We are using the Zoom webcast platform that allows you to ask questions and share your comments with other attendees and our guest speakers. Our roster of speakers will be posted on the Education Impact Day website.


Help Us Spread the News!

Please help us spread the news about our Education Impact Day by forwarding this announcement to other interested colleagues or students. Keep an eye out for updates by bookmarking our Education Impact Day website, and following the #EdImpactDay hashtag. Do you have comments or questions about our projects? Would you like to get involved with our organization? Please connect with us at:

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