Contact Information

  • Organization’s Name
  • Organization’s Address
  • Contact Information (primary contact about service-learning opportunity)
    • Role in Organization
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
  • Leadership Contact
    • Role in Organization (i.e. Executive Director)
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email

Overview of Organization

  • Organization’s mission and focus
  • Primary population(s) served
  • Organization’s website

Organization’s Need

  • What opportunity or problem will be the focus of this project? Think about the performance gap the organization is facing, and the relevant causes you have identified for the gap.
  • Describe the need in terms of the help you seek to address this performance gap (i.e. the targeted solutions or interventions).

Scope of Service Requested

  • What is your desired focus for this service-learning project to address the need identified above?
  • What are the required service-learner qualifications (i.e. academic or work experience)?
  • What are your desired final deliverables?
    • Specify and describe the desired deliverables, including the relevant tasks that must be performed.
    • What are the required service-learner qualifications (i.e. academic or work experience) to perform those tasks?
    • Estimate the number of service-learners required to complete each deliverable.
    • What is your best estimate of time (in hours) that it will take each service-learner to complete each deliverable required in the project?
    • What are the desired start and end dates for each deliverable?

Engagement Manager

  • Who in the organization will be appointed as the primary point of contact (i.e. engagement manager) for the service-learning project?
  • Describe this person’s:
    • Role in Organization
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email

Engagement Manager’s Commitment

  • How many hours (per week) is the engagement manager able to commit to working with the student volunteer(s) on this project?
  • What is the engagement manager’s willingness to commit to completing periodic feedback assessment of the student’s work? At what frequency?

Other Key Stakeholders

  • In addition to the engagement manager, what are the names and roles of other key stakeholders (if any) within the organization who must be included in this project?
  • What access is needed and available to these people?

Service Logistics

  • Is this a virtual opportunity (i.e. service conducted online)?
  • Service address (if applicable)
  • Transportation information
  • Days / hours of service
  • Background checks for student service-learners (including requirements and timeframe)

Intellectual Property

  • Who “owns” the work produced?
  • What is the licensing of any work produced?
  • Consider Creative Commons licensing options (see


  • What resources are needed for this project?
  • What resources is the organization willing to dedicate to this project?

Confidentiality Requirements

  • What client information is to remain confidential?
  • What access will students need or have to this information?

Other Considerations

  • Are there any additional comments or requirements regarding this Request for Service that were not covered above?
  • What is your organization’s willingness to participate in research?