Designers for Learning Webcast 37

This Designers for Learning webinar was a special meeting for the Open ABE Design Team and SMEs held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Each designer reviewed the next iteration of their design plans for our open online course based on their designer assignments. Follow the project at

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Text chat transcript:

17:54:30 From Jennifer Maddrell :–c_orhD0/edit#heading=h.xsnug18chp0a
17:54:53 From Jennifer Maddrell :
17:59:59 From StacyS : Yes
18:07:16 From aduffy : I really appreciate that you did that
18:08:09 From Anneleise : This looks wonderful and quite useful for a variety of groups/participants.
18:24:23 From Jessica Resig : We talked about this a bit at one of our meetings, and I think the concern was that we could alienate a large portion of our MOOC participants who come in with background expertise in certain subject areas. By introducing the standards, and then letting them choose the group to work with, that allows MOOC participants to capitalize on their expertise too.
18:24:42 From Anneleise : as a high school teacher, we use the standard as the goal. the lessons/assessments/supplements stem from the standard
18:25:27 From Anneleise : most people prefer structure and to work in a linear fashion. i think if you stick to subject area modules that would be best
18:35:18 From aduffy : are you familiar with WIPPEA?
18:35:57 From Jennifer Maddrell : @amanda … I’m not familiar with WIPPEA
18:36:39 From aduffy : ok, it’s a lesson planning format a lot of adult ed teachers use and are familiar with. I’ll share it – it might help with the evaluation/assessment piece
18:36:44 From Anneleise :
18:36:50 From StacyS : @ Amanda I just looked it up. I like it!
18:36:52 From aduffy : perfect!
18:37:00 From Jennifer Maddrell : Great! Thank you!
18:37:14 From aduffy : the TEAL website is great (it’s an AIR project so I’m biased!)
18:37:52 From Anneleise : LOL @amanda…I’d never heard of WIPPEA and I went straight to this from google search
18:38:51 From Anneleise : Because I work in the same building where our Adult Ed program is housed, do you folks have any questions/concerns I could pose to their staff? I have a contact there who has agreed to help if needed.
18:39:20 From Anneleise : If so, please email me
18:44:24 From JR : I like the way it will thread through. Sounds good Filiz!
18:44:36 From aduffy : i like that idea a lot
18:47:04 From keya.mukherjee : Job aid is great idea… good template for them to have
18:48:48 From Anneleise : I think uploaded videos and such can be directly uploaded to Canvas. They have lots of apps and tools available
18:49:33 From JR : Current planning for the OER section is complimentary text & video
18:50:28 From Jessica Resig :
18:52:10 From Anneleise : that is really great
18:52:47 From StacyS : Great idea!
18:58:00 From JR : They have a great 4 minute video on the author page too
18:58:13 From aduffy : the video is helpful
19:01:41 From Anneleise : GREAT job, designers. I am quite impressed. This is the kind of thing I wish I could do—and get out of the classroom! 🙂
19:01:45 From aduffy : I’m so impressed by all of this. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Please reach out anytime with questions about adult ed or oer
19:03:01 From keya.mukherjee : sounds good
19:03:01 From StacyS : Thank you SME’s for joining us!
19:03:02 From Jessica Resig : Great, thank you!