Designers for Learning Webcast 39

This Designers for Learning webinar was a meeting for the Open ABE Design Team held on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. Each designer reviewed the next iteration of their design plans for our open online course based on their designer assignments. Follow the project at

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Text chat transcript:

18:09:44 From camille dickson-deane : kinda confused
18:10:13 From camille dickson-deane : do we have assessments for the goals
18:10:58 From camille dickson-deane : i got that
18:16:45 From camille dickson-deane : open all modules
18:17:40 From StacyS : Stay is here, but for some reason, I am listed as Everyone!
18:17:45 From StacyS : Stacy
18:22:24 From camille dickson-deane : you will never regret that decision
18:23:12 From camille dickson-deane : once they cite you you will be fine
18:25:25 From StacyS : can we have more then one hashtag?
18:25:27 From JR : a quick twitter search shows no tweets currently using either #openabe or #openGED so we’re clear there
18:27:07 From JR : if the SMEs could suggest some other tags in current use it would be helpful as a way to get our tag out there by including multiple tags in the promo
18:30:43 From JR : no flash!? boo-hoo ha ha
18:31:47 From StacyS : ok. Sounds good!
18:32:19 From StacyS : yes!
18:47:31 From JR : does canvas not have a journal and or course blog tool?
18:49:00 From JR : ok
18:50:41 From JR : I really dig the idea that I can find people in the same boat as me
18:51:29 From JR : MOOCs are people, not tech 🙂
18:53:24 From JR : not yet
18:53:27 From JR : there we go!
19:06:02 From JR : brb
19:07:38 From JR : and back
19:08:15 From StacyS : Awesome!
19:12:02 From JR : that’s great!
19:12:57 From Jennifer Maddrell : Excellent job, Feliz!
19:17:51 From JR : yup
19:17:55 From StacyS : Yes. Thank you! Have a great night!