Designers for Learning #EdImpact16 with Jared Stein

This Designers for Learning webcast was part of our Education Impact Day, a 12-hour webcast-athon held on Saturday, November 12, 2016 featuring 12 featured speakers. This is a recording of our conversation with Jared Stein of Canvas by Instructure.

Bio: I strive to help teachers enhance learning with technologies and practices that increase flexibility and improve outcomes. I look for creative, research-based solutions that make a measurable, positive impact on students, teachers, and organizations. I work with a team of researchers at Instructure to understand how technology — such as Canvas, Bridge, and Arc — can foster improvements in higher education, K12, and corporate eLearning.

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One thought on “Designers for Learning #EdImpact16 with Jared Stein

  1. I think there’s room for umbrellas — imagine a community college using Canvas as its LMS… and then a local group working out of the old grocery store that they’re turning into an education center tying in with them as a satellite, hoping to get adult skills up to college speed before students are “officially” in “college” and …using up their financial aid, etc.
    The idea that somebody, enrolled in a MOOC with no other affiliations necessary, can be making lessons for the local group to use is pretty nifty. Now she’d better get back to it…

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