Faculty: Involve your Students

Our goal is to closely align our service-learning projects with the academic and experiential learning needs of our student volunteers. To that end, we want to work with professors and other student advisors as partners to find ways to incorporate our service-learning projects with a student’s course, internship, or practicum requirements. If you are a college or university faculty member or student advisor and would like to involve your students within our service-learning projects, please contact us.

The Process for Faculty Sponsors

As a service-learning facilitator, Designers for Learning seeks to involve student volunteers in service-learning projects aimed at improving the performance related to underserved needs. Our current focus is creating open educational resources for underserved adult basic education programs to support the millions of adults with low literacy and math skills. In 2016, over 3,300 people have enrolled in our free Open Adult Basic Education service-learning courses to gain instructional design experience and develop free educational resources.

When a new course or project is implemented, a Call for Volunteers describing the nature of the project and requesting volunteer help is posted on our www.designersforlearning.org website. In addition, a copy of the call will be emailed to every student and faculty member who has expressed interest in either volunteering or mentoring volunteers. We encourage faculty to refer students for both individual and group-based course projects. In addition, student volunteer candidates may respond to the call to fulfill an internship or practicum requirement.