Students & Volunteers:
Gain real-world experience

If you are interested in gaining real-world experience as an instructional designer, please contact us. Our pro bono service-learning projects are completed by volunteer participants who are enrolled in project-based instructional design service-learning courses. Once we receive notice of your interest, we will contact you when projects and courses become available.

The Process for Students and Volunteers

When a new service-learning experience is offered, an announcement describing the nature of the project and how to apply or enroll is posted on our Designers for Learning website. In addition, a copy of the call will be emailed to everyone who has expressed interest in either volunteering or mentoring volunteers. We encourage students and other volunteers to use this experience for both individual and group-based course projects, or to expand your instructional design portfolio. In addition, some student volunteers have used our project-based courses to fulfill an internship or practicum requirement.